Value Retail's Fidenza Village - The Creative Spot Design store

5 Questions to Rossana Orlandi

„The concept for my home is to have no concept.“

Rossana Orlandi, Zeit Magazin 10/2015  

Value Retail’s Fidenza Village 

Fidenza Village is one of the Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages founded by Value Retail in 1992.
The Collection of Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages is defined by its leading brands, charming open-air ‘village’ settings, a welcoming and superior serviceand world-leading brands offer savings of up to 60%. As a unique concept in outlet shopping, all Shopping Villages offer an unrivalled luxury shopping experience for discerning costumers in 11 luxury outlet destinations in Europe and China.

After more than 20 years in fashion business as a spin yarn consultant for the family business and labels such as Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan, style icon Rossana Orlandi decided to transfer her passion for design as a private collector into an innovative gallery. Her constant research worldwide has made her one of the most influent person in forecasting young and upcoming designers.
We exclusively met Rossana Orlandi in Italy, at the Fidenza Village, the Creative Spot Design pop-up store and asked her five questions about creativity, interior design and her start in the fashion industry:

1. You have been a fixture of the Italian fashion world for more than 40 years now.How did you start working in fashion?
I have worked in fashion quite a bit. I have worked for Donna Karan and Giorgio Armani and Emilio Pucci, which was absolutely the best at that time. My family has got a spinning factory, so I have also worked for my family. Working in knitwear is super interesting because you have to work two years in advance. You have to think what will be the tendencies, you have to study the yarn and the color card.

2. You opened your gallery in 2002. What kind of parallels do you see between thefashion world and the interior design world?
There are many parallels, but there is also a big difference. In the fashion industry you have changes every six months. There are changes in the shape, color selection and so on. But in interior design it’s different because you create something for a long time.

Josè Luis Duran, CEO Value Retail & Rossana Orlandi

3. What makes for you a good piece of clothing? And what a good interior /design piece?
When it gives me an emotion. When I find something with an emotion, when I say „Oh my god“ and I feel that I really need this piece. That’s what makes a good piece of clothing and design piece as well.

4. What is creativity to you?
This question is very interesting. I once asked this question a super brilliant man and he gave me an answer in 3 words: It is difficult.

5. The store here, the creative spot, in which way is it different to your boutique inMilan?
It is a super interesting experience. Here can I play, I started with small objects and small lights. We have super cheap prices, the prices start from 5€. Recontare, which means to experience, it means that you explain and that you let the people touch the objects. I speak to a public, there are so many people who come here.