Public Relations


We believe that PR is still people business besides all the arising challenges. Our decades of experience in the fashion and lifestyle world make us experts with the best contacts to media, with a large and competent network of partners and maximum know-how in successful PR mechanisms. But at the end of the day it is the people and our personal relations with them that make the difference between “good” and “excellent” results.

Understanding the clients, their brands and target groups forms the basis for us; working for them strategically, conceptually and creatively is our approach; building an emotional and personal relationship with them is the essence of our success.

Our # Hashtag-List of Services:
Strategic PR Planning
• PR & Communication Concepts
• B2C & B2B Communication
• International Lead PR
• Corporate Communications
• Personality PR
• Product Placement
• Showroom Facilities
• Press Days
• Classic PR- Work
• Media Collaborations
• Editorial Office and Text Copywriting
• Celebrity- and Influencer Endorsement


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